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Commerce Dept. National Webinar @ 31.08.2020

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Commerce Dept. National Webinar @ 31.08.2020 Smash the ‘glass ceiling’ by getting professional qualifications Women must get ready to smash the ‘glass...

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Commerce Dept. National Webinar @ 31.08.2020

Smash the ‘glass ceiling’ by getting professional qualifications

Women must get ready to smash the ‘glass ceiling’ to grab the career opportunities, said Ms.Teresa Jacob, Academic Head, International Skill Development Corporation (ISDC), Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

She made this observation while delivering a speech from Glasgow on the International Webinar on the topic “The future of accounting and finance professionals” jointly organized by Thievanai Ammal College for Women (Autonomous), Villupuram, the Association of chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA, UK) and the ISDC on August 31, 2020.

Ms Jacob said that career women were facing invisible barrier, which was termed as ‘glass ceiling.’ They could smash this glass ceiling by becoming professionally qualified. The ACCA provided the facility to women to gain two qualifications at the same time.

She called upon the women students to grab the opportunity being provided by ACCA to gain professional qualifications along with the undergraduate degree.

Ms Jacob further said, “The present generation would be known as the generation that is educated during Covid-19 pandemic (through technology). In just about 5 months, the present generation has adopted the new method of teaching and learning (through online).”

Mr B.Saravanakumar, South Regional Head, ACCA, in his speech said that ACCA is recognized in 185 countries across the globe. It offers integrated B.Com course for the candidates to become professionally qualified. ‘It is a pleasure for ACCA to work with Theivanai Ammal College for Women in providing professional qualifications to B.Com candidates,’ he said.

He noted that ACCA was updating the curriculum once in every three years so as to meet the changing expectations of the industry. Those having professional qualifications like doctors, engineers, auditors and lawyers enjoy three advantages over those having just degrees.

‘Professionals command respect in society; they have high earning capacity, they do not have retirement. Professionals are specialists in their chosen fields. They can either run their own entities or organizations or work for any big organizations.

In the post-Covid-19 situation technology has come to play a big role in professionalism and in business models. The millennials or new generation kids have become well versed in operating e-mail, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and other social media.

Technology has helped in evolving new business models in which a taxi aggregator need not own even a single vehicle, and a chain of hotels need not own even a single property. Having understood the modern day requirements, ACCA is facilitating the B.Com candidates to acquire professional qualifications simultaneously, he said.

Those having professional qualifications would certainly stand out in a crowd. The ACCA also has a job portal to tell the job opportunities that exist for professionally qualified candidates across the globe, Mr Saravanakumar said.

The Resource Person Mr Pramod Rajan, Fellow Member of ACCA, said that financial professionals could no more confine themselves to only financial matters. If they were deliver good outcomes, they would have to familiarize themselves with the functions of the all the departments in an organization.

The financial processes and the accounting procedures that exist today are far different from what existed 30 years ago. Moreover, 10 years from now, these processes and procedures would further undergo vast changes, mostly technology-driven.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are set to alter the ecosystem in a big way. The banking transactions have increasingly adopted the online mode. E-commerce has gained large acceptance. There are talks of crypto currencies now.

In such a situation, the regulatory authorities such as Reserve Bank of India and the Securities and Exchange Board of India would come out with more stringent regulations. Therefore, it is essential for the financial professionals to keep themselves updated with the new rules and regulations, adopt new technology and adapt themselves to the emerging business models.

Mr Rajan stressed the point that in the changing environment the professionals ought to get more dynamic, and strictly follow the ethical practices. Any laxity on their part would put the companies they work for into trouble.

Dr S.Selvakumar, Head of Department, PG & Research Department of Commerce, Theivanai Ammal College for Women (Autonomous), gave a welcome address. A large number of professionals, faculty members and students benefited from the webinar.
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